Hong Kong citizens were united in their condemnation of appalling behaviour

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 November, 2016, 5:03pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 November, 2016, 9:41pm

Over the past two weeks, for the first time in many years, many Hong Kong people have been pushed on to the local political stage. As a result, they have turned over a new leaf in the history of the city.

The show put on by two elected members of the Legislative Council, Sixtus Baggio Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching, at the swearing-in ceremony served as an eye opener for most Hongkongers who found the incident shocking.

The average Hong Kong citizen was stunned when the two young localists used foul language to distort the context of the oath.

The pair disowned the sovereign state to which they swore allegiance, using the humiliating term “Chee-na”. Indeed, many people are upset by the outlook of the younger generation today.

The actions of these two members of Youngspiration naturally caused an uproar here and abroad among citizens who, for the first time, had their patriotic heartstrings pulled.

Despite strong public protests, the two lawmakers have refused to apologise for their outrageous actions. Their lack of integrity and behaviour clearly make them unfit to be legislators.

However, some benefits have been derived from this farcical incident. For the first time, Hongkongers were united in their condemnation of the naive and rebellious actions of these two individuals. They were strongly criticised by almost all sectors of the community.

A letter signed by some 200 organisations in England, including Chinese clansmen associations, cultural societies, professional bodies and businesses, was the first of its kind for Hong Kong. People demanded the Youngspiration duo be denied the right to join Legco.

The magnitude of the outcries and swift actions taken by the public have not been seen before in Hong Kong, except perhaps during the Japanese occupation of the city.

I hope the two localists will still change their minds.

They need to have the courage to accept responsibility for tarnishing the solemn oath-taking ceremony.

Otherwise, I think their political careers will come to an early conclusion.

Thanks to these two Youngspiration members, Hong Kong people can take pride in demonstrating their genuine feelings for their nation, which they will not hesitate to defend when it is insulted.

I think it marks a return of what is known as the city’s unique “Under the Lion Rock” spirit, for the first time in many years.

Patsy Leung, Mid-Levels