Hong Kong housing

Hong Kong’s elite private clubs ripe for a lease review

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 April, 2018, 4:45pm
UPDATED : Monday, 02 April, 2018, 6:09pm

I refer to your editorial (“It’s time to end those privileges enjoyed by elite Hong Kong sports clubs”, March 31). As a long-time member of the football section of one of those clubs, I fully support the intended review of the leases.

Nothing the Hong Kong government can, or wishes to, do can improve the chances of the working classes ever owning or affording to rent decent housing.

The possible benefit for myself and others of my ilk – blue-collar proletarians earning a living by the sweat of our brow – is that one day my section’s dressing room may finally contain a plumber, bus driver, security guard and even a bricklayer.

The displaced bankers, lawyers and bourgeoisie could take up chess or join the rugger section.

John Charleston, Tuen Mun