Hong Kong schools

When will Hong Kong teach that life is not all about money and marks?

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 April, 2018, 11:02am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 April, 2018, 11:02am

Hong Kong has become a utilitarian city. People who do not work only for their own benefit are in the minority.

Our education system is a major cause of this. At school, we are routinely fed the idea that the more marks you get, the better you are. Teenagers attend tutorial centres which look for methods to help them clear exams without properly understanding the topics they are learning. The overwhelming focus is on marks, instead of knowledge.

The social environment is another cause for the city’s utilitarian ethos. With economic development, the concept of profit maximisation has grown. This makes people care about money, but not moral values. The lack of diversity in industries means youngsters cannot fulfil their dreams, so they only want to survive somehow.

The education system should be improved so Hongkongers can focus on moral values and their dreams, instead of just money.

Chelsea Luo, Lohas Park