Kai Tak Sports Park

Hong Kong does not need a new sports stadium in Kai Tak, build public housing there instead

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, 2:26pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, 9:25pm

I find Tim Noonan’s column very interesting and, frankly, the whole idea of building a big new stadium in Hong Kong is totally preposterous (“Hong Kong will build the world’s most expensive [Sevens] stadium. Can it please look like this”, April 6). 

The government is considering closing sports clubs in search of land to build public housing and here they are going forward with building a HK$32 billion sports park, including a new stadium. For what?  

Noonan certainly makes some valid comments about the food and beverage issues at the current government stadium – this is not the government, this is largely the Rugby Union selling the beer rights for a big sum of money. Also, I totally agree that the food is impossibly expensive and totally unfit for human consumption. 

New property giant joins three-way fight for Hong Kong Sports Park 

But let’s go back to the issue at hand: why do we need a new stadium? The current stadium operates at full capacity only three days a year. 

Moreover, this year the Sevens appeared to be under-attended – not full, with touts having trouble reselling tickets. So in 2018, there will not be a single day of full utilisation. 

Hong Kong Stadium is Sevens’ true home

If one really wants more seats, take out the south stand and rebuild it into two levels, this will add seats. On the north stand, take out the poorly designed restaurant and add more seats. 

Kai Tak stadium will be a white elephant. Look at every big Olympic stadium

For concerts, can’t the government take the lead? Have concerts start at 7.30pm and finish by 9.30pm. Forget the noise complaints, the stadium was there long before the blocks of flats begging for compensation, not calling for a cease-and-desist order on all concerts. 

Kai Tak stadium will be a white elephant. Every big Olympic stadium, save maybe London, has been a white elephant. 

Hong Kong does not have an NBA or NFL, or a premier football league or team. This stadium is a waste of taxpayer money and is totally unnecessary. Build public housing there please.

J.R. Robertson, Wan Chai