Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong

Shutting out ethnic minority students shows Hong Kong is behind the times

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 May, 2018, 3:20pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 May, 2018, 3:20pm

I read with concern your article, “Pupils rejected on basis of their race, study finds” (May 7). All children should get equal educational opportunities. It is unfair to deny ethnic minority children the opportunity to attend kindergarten just because they may find it difficult to communicate with their Chinese counterparts in Cantonese, or because it would dissuade Chinese parents from enrolling their children. This is racial discrimination.

I cannot understand how in this age and time people can be so conservative as to be unfriendly towards those different from themselves.

Most of the Hong Kong population is Chinese and that is the dominant culture. And most Chinese tend to have conservative attitudes to foreigners due to the difference in appearance and language. 

That is why Hong Kong people generally resist living next door to foreigners and parents do not want to enrol their children in schools with ethnic minority students. 

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I suggest the government cooperate with the media and social welfare agencies to promote interracial harmony. Education is an effective means to changing conservative attitudes. Given time and effort, it would be possible for us to eliminate racial tension and discrimination, and create social harmony.

If people from diverse backgrounds and with different interests come together, discrimination can be eradicated.

Liu King Chi, Sai Ying Pun