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YouTube stardom is not for teens who still have a lot to learn

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 May, 2018, 9:45am
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 May, 2018, 9:45am

I am writing to express my opinions on the article “Hong Kong children expose their identities, thoughts and flesh to millions of strangers on popular iPhone app Tik Tok” (May 19).

Some teenagers dream of being a YouTube star or instant online celebrity because it would allow them to earn money just by playing games or developing a live stream, without much knowledge of the repercussions. Some Hong Kong children are hooked on an app called Tik Tok which has exposed them to sexual predators. 

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Technology has been changing fast in recent years. Teenagers nowadays use the phone all the time, or are even addicted to it, while many parents are also hooked to their electronic gadgets. As a result, family time suffers. Parents even use their phones and tablets to entertain toddlers so they will be quiet, but they could grow into addicted children.

To Lil Tay, where are your parents?

Children learn quickly and they tend to imitate online celebrities to increase their popularity. They might not know what they should or should not do. They just want to attract more followers. So, parents should take the responsibility to teach them about the risks.

They should be telling children that their role as students is important. While getting into university cannot be the sole aim in life, this is not a suitable time to try to become internet celebrities.

Wendy Wong, Kwai Chung