Hong Kong schools

When CEOs seem less stressed out than Hong Kong students, its time to rethink the school system

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 June, 2018, 6:01pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 June, 2018, 6:01pm

I feel terrible seeing my grandchildren carry such heavy loads to school. What have our children done wrong in this hi-tech age that they have to be punished in this way?

If that were not enough, our children are further burdened after school with the gruesome mental torture of homework, memorising facts and figures which will perhaps never help them in their lives except to pass exams (“Revised TSA still stressful for Hong Kong pupils and teachers”, June 12).

It makes me envy all the highly paid legislators and CEOs who in comparison face such mammoth responsibilities but carry absolutely no backpacks as they face their daily routine. They can escape the torture of memorising their routine work and responsibilities.

Take the recent MTR construction fiasco and signal failures. The chairman and managers are not bound to recall offhand whom they awarded contracts to and on what terms, guarantees and deadlines. They are allowed to meet these questions with blank expressions. They demand time to get information from their records and to respond in due course.

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Meanwhile, our children are grounded at home struggling with their homework, frantically running to and from tuition classes, searching for magic tutors (“Why is private tutoring such a big deal in Hong Kong?”, June 7).

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This mushrooming of tutorial education has happened because our children feel the teachers' explanation of their subject is incomplete. They feel insecure about the gaps in knowledge and desperately seek tutors to reinforce their understanding of subjects that are sometimes hastily and halfheartedly explained to them at school.

Teachers and principals should try to understand what their teaching skills are lacking and how students could be made to feel more confident, without having to depend on after-school tutorial classes.

Our children can then be free of stress and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle that includes games and physical activities, and not become suicidal.

 Choith Ramchandani, Tsim Sha Tsui