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Say goodbye to Facebook and Instagram envy: just hit delete

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 June, 2018, 8:02am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 June, 2018, 8:02am

“Too much junk” – that’s what my sister said while deleting all of her social network accounts. I asked her what she meant by junk. She answered, “All the things that I don’t need to know and what I don’t want to know.”

These days, people share all sorts of things through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. While some truly enjoy sharing their daily life through social networking services (SNS), there are some who tend to feel tired with too much information on the internet.

This is known as the “SNS fatigue syndrome”. With so much information flooding out of the internet and also changing very quickly, people are subconsciously experiencing great stress while trying to keep pace.

Some social network users confess to suffering from a sense of deprivation after browsing through friends’ posts: all those great photos from travelling, shopping, eating and partying. But people only get to see the bright side of the lives of their social media friends. Therefore, it is easy to become envious and feel left out.

This can even develop into that common mental illness in modern society, depression.

We’re all under pressure from social media

There’s no problem with being envious and depressed about other people’s lifestyles. The real problem is that people tend to not admit that they are mentally suffering due to social media. Some do not even realise how obsessed they are with getting likes and replies from their so-called “friends”.

Solving this problem is not that hard; just delete the app from your phone and turn your attention to real-slife, “offline” friends, and small things in your daily life that make you happy.

Sunmin Lee, Seoul