Hong Kong’s Belt and Road Summit lasts one day: so why the wasteful citywide promotion?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2018, 4:35pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 June, 2018, 4:34pm

I am furious at the waste of taxpayers’ money and the rubbish about to be generated by the placing of plastic and metal promotional material for the Belt and Road Summit at every 20 metres or so along Hong Kong roads.

I want the relevant government department to indicate who authorised this and how much it cost. The meeting lasts only for one day – June 28 – and is only relevant to elite businessmen and politicians. The average Hong Kong person has no interest at all in it.

So why post a plethora of these promotional materials? Where is this rubbish going to after the meeting? In landfills, I guess. I would like answers from the relevant government departments please.

Peter A. Tanner, Sai Wan Ho