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Hong Kong children need to relax, not boost their resumes, in the summer

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 04 August, 2018, 9:03am
UPDATED : Saturday, 04 August, 2018, 9:02am

I refer to your article on summer holiday activities (“How to entertain your child without breaking the bank”, July 10).

Children in Hong Kong today are made to master a wide variety of activities, from playing musical instruments, to learning multiple languages and sports, even during the summer holidays. They are required to be “perfect”, to know everything and be able to do anything. Unless they are perfect, they can’t hope to enter highly ranked colleges and universities, as the competition is too fierce. After getting a degree from a famous university, these students can then look forward to high-flying jobs with big salaries.

This phenomenon is not limited to Hong Kong society, it is a feature of Asian society, and its monster and helicopter parents. Students are therefore left with jam-packed daily schedules, including during the summer break. This may have a negative effect, making children resentful and lose interest in learning, and even fear studies.

Hong Kong kids learn life lessons with the world as their classroom

Therefore, I welcome the suggestions made in the article, about parents helping children to recharge their batteries through relaxing activities that don’t cost the earth, such as recreational reading, cultural day trips, and engaging in a hobby of their own choice. Stronger family and social bonds thus nurtured will help their whole-person development.

Ivan Tsoi, Tseung Kwan O