Donald Trump

Don’t sue Donald Trump, impeach him

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 August, 2018, 5:00pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 August, 2018, 5:00pm

Former CIA director John Brennan has threatened to sue Donald Trump over the president revoking his security clearance. I say it’s just not worth it. This is the way Trump works to keep his name and face in our collective consciousness 24/7. He will pick a fight with anyone who dares to differ with his ersatz statements or policies. He is indeed a man-child, a schoolyard bully who will say or do anything to pat himself on the back and make it seem like he’s doing it for the American people.

Just look at the Omarosa (Manigault Newman) scandal, the Stormy Daniels affair, and his military parade (honouring himself) that nobody wants (“Pentagon rains on parade: Trump’s military extravaganza postponed after US$92 million cost revelation”, August 17).

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The man revels in controversy. His behaviour is indicative of a person suffering from the “spoilt brat syndrome” and it is having a negative effect on our nation and the free world.

Trump’s vindictive persona should be dropped and, to do this, he needs to be impeached. This will restore some sense of sanity back to America (“No, impeachment will not crash the stock market”, August 24). The sooner the better!

Herb Stark, North Carolina