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Hong Kong environmental issues

Will KFC plastics move catch on at all Hong Kong fast-food chains?

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 August, 2018, 5:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 August, 2018, 5:00pm

I welcome the decision by KFC to ditch plastic straws and drink lids for dine-in customers in all of its restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. As one of the major fast-food chains in the region, KFC has set a good example for its peers by reducing singe-use plastics and alleviating their environmental impact. Although it is only one small step for one company, it might become a giant leap for the environment.

Not only can KFC lead large corporations to go plastic-free, its action will also direct public attention towards the environmental impact of plastic waste and the small but effective ways to change that. In fact, many people have appreciated KFC’s action, and some even requested that it phase out other plastic utensils, bowls and gloves to support a greener lifestyle.

I hope more people and chain restaurants will join the campaign and use durable tableware instead of disposables.

Tse Hoi Tung, Kwai Chung