Barack Obama

Cool Obama is back: bringing class and decency back to American politics

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 September, 2018, 4:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 September, 2018, 6:42am

The epitome of cool, debonair and svelte is back, and not a moment is to be wasted now that our midterm elections loom (“‘Enough is enough’: Barack Obama rallies California Democrats”, September 9). We desperately require Barack Obama’s intelligent and stable guidance, for much of his political party has, let’s not sugar-coat it, become unhinged.

Yes, “The Donald” has that effect, and a wise hand will be required to steer the Democrats back to political terra firma.

The presidency of Donald J Trump has been a shambolic stress test. If he limited his Tourette-like Twitter tic to legitimate affairs of state instead of giving licence to revenge against imagined slights, I could cease washing snide asides from my eyes and gall from my tongue, all a colossal waste of time and mood.

But his base loves him and, like it or not, the occasional policies that strike gold – tax reform and deregulation, for instance – have given the lie to Mr Obama’s insistence that 2 per cent growth is the new normal and we will not again see anything like, well, the present 4.2 per cent.

Trump fumes that Google gave Obama’s speeches better publicity than his

But it sticks in my craw, as it does in the collective craw of all who accept Mr Obama as the penultimate policy lodestar. How unfair politics can be!

Anyhow, welcome back, Mr Obama. At least your assaults on the opposition will hew to Marquess of Queensberry Rules and help direct us back to decency in the political arena.

Paul Bloustein, Ohio

A wish for a New Year’s media miracle

I know it’s a bit early to offer wishes for the New Year but let me submit mine before I forget.

Here’s to prosperity and peace for all, and setting aside at least one day for no coverage of President Trump’s 24/7 inane gibberish, tweets and self-indulging pronouncements. Let’s see if miracles can truly happen!

Herb Stark, North Carolina