Censorship in China

Chinese student who said he could never love his country did not deserve to lose place

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 October, 2018, 7:01pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 October, 2018, 7:01pm

I refer to “Chinese student who could ‘never love my country’ expelled after two weeks for being unpatriotic’” (September 23).

I have to say I felt very sorry that a student who was bright enough to enrol in a civil engineering undergraduate programme had to be expelled.

The first and most important thing is that all people should have the right to free speech. We have to express our thoughts and ideas to improve our society. We should also own up to our mistakes and rectify them.

Second, I do not agree with the idea that we must unquestioningly love the country and follow the accepted line of thought. Wang Dong was just expressing his own thoughts about his country, for which he was expelled from Hunan City University. This is too harsh a treatment for a young man who merely expressed his strong feelings about his country. Not everyone will agree with him, but not everything in this world has a definite answer. So how can we hold absolute ideas on all issues?

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If Wang says he can never love his country, does that mean he is wrong? There may never be a definite answer. But what I am sure of is that a university should not expel a student just for expressing his feelings about his country.

I hope the Chinese people can enjoy a greater degree of freedom in future, especially in freedom of speech. That will allow our society to keep moving forward.

I also hope more people would reflect on what Wang said.

Oceana Wong, Tsing Yi

Must people be forced to love their country?

The punishment given to the Chinese student for saying he could never love his country seems too harsh. The student only wanted to express his own views but was expelled from university for being “unpatriotic”. This is really cruel and unfair. Why not give him a second chance?

Secondly, must people be forced to love their country? If people are forced to love their country and therefore are forced to accept all government decisions, society will not improve or progress.

I wish the Chinese government and the Chinese courts would show more openness towards freedom of speech. All citizens should have the right to free speech – that is how they can give useful suggestions to improve people’s lives.

Chung Man Ling, Kwai Chung