Climate change

How Trump’s trade war is a setback to the global fight against climate change

    PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2018, 6:18am
    UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 October, 2018, 6:17am

    As countries enhance their military strength, political power, economies and technology, they become more ambitious and selfish. The trade war started by US President Donald Trump is an example of just such a selfish and foolish attitude. This selfishness appears to be rooted in a poor understanding of globalisation, which has resulted in continuing ignorance of international problems, especially the deterioration of nature triggered by global warming.

    The many experts paying attention to this global problem have already identified climate change as a serious potential global crisis. For example, there will be a significant rise in sea levels in just a few decades, enough to make Venice inhabitable. While representatives of countries like China and the United States have negotiated goals that every country must work towards to slow the pace of global warming, it is rare to find countries actually working together to solve problems that yield little to no direct benefits. They are more likely to engage in war.

    The US played an active role in both world wars but has worked with few countries actively after the cold war. Its cooperation on the environment with Canada is the exception and benefits the US. Obviously, recent US presidents have prioritised their own country’s interests over the good of the world. If this selfish attitude does not change, nature will continue to suffer from the disease called “humanity”.

    Laugh now at Trump’s follies, but climate change isn’t funny

    We human beings need to have a stronger sense of globalisation to work together and combat global warming. The world’s future lies in the hands of humankind, whether it is individuals making efforts to reduce the use of electricity and fuel or countries sacrificing their own interests for the sake of the world. As Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, recently urged us: “Fix Earth! Help Earth! Hurry!”

    Enoch Yeung, Tseung Kwan O

    Trump’s comments on climate change are another attempt at distraction

    So now US President Donald Trump, who claims to know everything about anything, has solved the issue of climate change. He says, “I don't know if it’s man-made”, although we all know it is, and implies it could “change back again”. The president also believes that scientists have a “political agenda”, so he would have to meet them to decide if they are being truthful about their findings on climate change.

    My take on this: President Trump will say and do anything to divert attention from the upcoming results of the special counsel investigation. Hopefully those findings will lead to the impeachment or resignation of this inept, shallow television personality-turned-president and put this great nation back on track.

    Herb Stark, Mooresville, North Carolina