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Can Biden keep 2020 Democratic hopes afloat? Maybe if he sinks the socialist fantasies first

  • If the former US vice-president does run in the 2020 presidential election, he may bring some much-needed common sense to the Democratic agenda
PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 January, 2019, 6:04pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 January, 2019, 5:29pm

I refer to “Donald Trump says ‘weak’ Joe Biden came off the ‘trash heap’, as former vice-president mulls 2020 run” (January 14).

The next presidential campaign augurs to be a Democratic skirmish, for the party of blue features a burgeoning chorus of wannabes singing the Trump blues. Those who champion the forgotten must figure out a way to distinguish themselves early on in the primary process lest they be “cornified” in Iowa before generating any little-people mojo.

Enter Joe Biden, the adult in the Democratic dojo, the politician with institutional memory so lacking in the president he would like to replace. Yes, he would underline crowd favourites like demonising the wealthy – as if they all grew rich by exploiting the young and infirm, and forcing them to labour in a feather factory so the moneyed class could nest more comfortably – but he is less likely to rouse the disaffected with progressive shibboleths like free stuff for all: universal health care, free college tuition, student loan waivers, universal basic income, uniform minimum wage, guaranteed employment.

Triumph of 28-year-old over rich incumbent is seismic shift for US Democrats

Many of our young have indicated that socialism may be worth a shot and, if the ageing bench of more centrist Democrats like Biden cannot stay the fantasy with common sense, may try to float that leaky ship once again. And sink the Democratic campaign.

Paul Bloustein, Ohio

What Congress can do for Americans – impeach Trump

Where are those thousands of terrorists, drug smugglers and assorted bad guys ready to invade our nation? Indeed, they are a figment of President Donald Trump’s imagination. The American people are waking up to his daily barrage of lies and misinformation.

The president would do well to forget about his wall and use the US$5.7 billion to restore funding to the Environmental Protection Agency, education, veteran affairs, senior citizens, Medicare and Medicaid and other programmes so vital to our survival. Border security? Use our returning troops to guard against illegal immigration. In his childish manner, Trump sees this wall as part of his legacy and is willing to let this great nation plunge into chaos if he doesn’t get his way.

Trump claims people will ‘revolt’ if he’s impeached

Our legislators must not let this happen by standing up to our man-child president and telling him there is no “national emergency” and then get him to the table, or someone with the ability to negotiate a deal that is fair to all sides.

But is that feasible, given the president's temper tantrums and unwillingness to sit down and work with both sides? We can't afford this disgraceful and embarrassing scenario to continue much longer. Our spineless Congress needs to consider impeaching the president who acts more like a spoiled brat who cares only about what he can do for himself, polarising American voters rather than being president to all Americans.

Herb Stark, North Carolina