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Hong Kong children can enjoy school, if adults stop pushing them

  • A place in the top school for your child at all costs may seem like a worthwhile goal, but we should heed surveys that show children are under unbearable stress
PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 January, 2019, 3:02pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 January, 2019, 3:02pm

Traditionally renowned secondary schools in Hong Kong are now especially busy with checking applications for Form One admission interviews. I recently heard about a parent who planned to send her child to study in a famous college on Hong Kong Island, even though the family lived in Tsuen Wan. This is not surprising. It simply shows how some parents react to the current educational ecology.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service last year revealed that 51.5 per cent of the student respondents showed symptoms of depression, and extreme pressure from intensive study was one of the major sources of the stress.

Taking a long commute to study in a renowned college would unquestionably load any child with a great burden. Can they adapt themselves to that change? It looks like a gamble.

When a student succumbs to stress, it hurts all of Hong Kong

Fortunately, my daughter seems to have adapted herself to life in Form One. Firstly, she just needs to walk about 10 minutes to her school; therefore, she can sleep longer.

Secondly, never have I made her aware of any famous colleges when she was in primary school; therefore, she is content with the secondary school where she is studying now.

Third, never have I asked her about her test or exam marks; therefore, she always feels comfortable with her academic performance.

Tang Chi Ming, Wong Tai Sin