SCMP launched its new website on August 31. What do you think of the new

PUBLISHED : Friday, 31 August, 2012, 8:22am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 September, 2012, 10:50am

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The layout is OK (not great) though unnecessarily repetitive. But the biggest problem is that the web site has become a resource HOG, with pages loading so slowly -- on my iPad at least -- that I can no longer read stories online, only through the iPad app, but that lacks functions like the ability to email an article. Just for your reference: simply typing this comment took about 8 times the normal amount of time.
Repetition of stories on main news page very annoying.
Three-column format with stories not horizontally aligned emphasises the haphazard feelling.
Absence of datelines makes sorting what's new from what's old a pain.
Overall, a very poor effort, indeed.
Challenge you to publish this! If you don't, at least make some changes quietly in the background, please, or I'm not renewing my subscription.
Where is the 7 day index which allows readers to view entire content for days they may have missed?
It's here: footer > 7-day index:
The pages takes for ever to load if at all (in China). Brings my browser (Chrome or Safari) to a crawl.
Messy and difficult to navigate. In my opinion something so simple and useful was ruined.
To make this work I have used adblock to block everything else but the article headlines but still the pages load really slow or if at all.
Category on the homepage is a bit hectic
Better - primarily due to the inclusion of comments.
I hope that you could place the date and time of the article next to the headline. It would help with knowing latest news and updates.
1) The website should be modified to 16:9 widescreen users
2) I wish there are previews when my mouse point to the categories.