Who is most to blame in Sunday's street clashes in Mong Kok over a viral video?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 August, 2013, 7:36am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 August, 2013, 11:08am

  • The police 78
  • Teacher Lam Wai-sze 7
  • Pro-police protesters 9
  • Radical pan-democrats 4
  • Others (please comment) 1
  • The police
  • Teacher Lam Wai-sze
  • Pro-police protesters
  • Radical pan-democrats
  • Others (please comment)

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This video showed that the Youth Care Association member was using knives to threaten Falun Gong members. Police arrived at the scene, but said because the person had not use the knife to attack, the would not take any action...
Leung Chun Ying and Tsang Wai Hung
Who is most to blame? must be Leung Chun Ying and Tsang Wai Hung!!
Tsang Wai Hung AND Leung Chun Ying
The heat!
Now it is all clear that the police is not just turning a blind eye, they are indeed very close to the pro-communist political gangster groups. Some retired policemen are even high-profile leaders of these organizations. Not to mention off duty officers caught sending messages to rally protesters on site.
Had the Police took action against the Youth Care Association thugs in the first place, the situation would not have descended into this state. The Police turned a blind eye to the violence of Youth Care Association and threatened the persons who dared to speak out (like Miss Lam).
The police is certainly the culprit of this situation. First the handling at the initial scene involving Fa Lun Gong and the Pro-Beijing Association that prompted the fair-minded teacher to express her anger towards their lopsided tactic. Then suddenly all the police in plain clothes surfaced at the Sunday encounter was a blatant breach of their code of conduct. They are to be censored.