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Teleperformance’s omnichannel creates better connection between brand and customer

Teleperformance is powered by a 190,000-strong workforce that speaks 75 languages – helping its clients reach 160 markets worldwide

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 April, 2017, 12:33pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 April, 2017, 12:33pm

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Customer engagement has come a long way from simple voice calls or email correspondence. With the emergence of mobile and social technologies, companies looking to establish a strong brand image turn to a variety of communication platforms to deliver a more personalised experience to their customers.

With its 40-year experience in the contact centre sector, global outsourcing company Teleperformance blazed the trail for omnichannel customer experience management to connect the biggest brands to their clients across all contact channels.

“Omnichannel solutions allow us to handle everything from voice calls to chat and email, or any digital channel commonly without different experiences,” says David Rizzo, president for Asia-Pacific. “In this competitive landscape, everybody is looking for a differentiated customer experience and this is just one of Teleperformance’s specialities.”

Serving the automotive, financial, retail, manufacturing and many other sectors, Teleperformance offers a comprehensive suite of high-value solutions. These include digital solutions, analytics and business process outsourcing non-interaction solutions.

Teleperformance is powered by a 190,000-strong workforce that speaks 75 languages – helping its clients reach 160 markets worldwide.

The company is present in 65 countries, and one of the strongest out of these in terms of physical service delivery presence and employee count is one of the world’s call centre hubs, the Philippines.

For Teleperformance, the Philippines plays an extremely important role for its group because it has the ability to provide at-scale and at-quality, English-language services for the entire English-speaking world.

With the changing demands of the industry, Teleperformance invests in the development of its people.

“Continued upskilling is important for the talent in the Philippines to ensure that they’re well positioned to handle change and the next wave of high-end value segments from our customers,” Rizzo says. “We aim to tap new support channels and technologies, to offer an overall seamless and consistent service platform.”

Aside from exploring new channels, Teleperformance aims to broaden the scope of the sectors it serves from the Philippines. The company sees great opportunities in serving the health care sector since there is an abundance of graduates with medical or nursing degrees from the Philippines. Other potential growth sectors include telecommunications, technology and travel.

“The Philippines is in position to manage high-value transactions while enhancing overall customer experience. We’re committed to the Philippines and expect future growth to come from tier-two and tier-three markets where local infrastructure is now meeting the levels necessary to operate large-scale operations,” Rizzo says.