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KPMG RGM&Co provides investors with valuable macroeconomic insight

KPMG RGM&Co is able to deliver its integrated solutions by leveraging a network of experts from the private and public sectors

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 April, 2017, 12:34pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 April, 2017, 12:33pm

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Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Philippine member firm of KPMG International, one of the world’s Big 4 accounting firms, has transformed into a leading local authority on audit, tax and advisory services under the management of Roberto Manabat.

KPMG RG Manabat & Co (KPMG RGM&Co) audits the second-largest number of firms belonging to BusinessWorld’s Top 1,000 Corporations in the Philippines. The firm has been voted by international tax practitioners as among the best in the field. More remarkable is KPMG RGM&Co’s growing reputation in providing valuable insight into the country’s macroeconomic landscape. This is in line with the company’s diversification to offer a full range of audit, tax and advisory services.

“We always bring to bear the whole lines of services we can offer, so investors always get a full breadth and understanding of their target industry,” says Manabat, KPMG RGM&Co’s chairman and CEO, who also served as the first general accountant of the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. He was then largely responsible for converting the Philippine accounting system from GAAP, or generally accepted accounting principles, to the International Financial Reporting Standards.

KPMG RGM&Co is able to deliver its integrated solutions by leveraging a network of experts from the private and public sectors. The company also approaches business in terms of industries, developing sector expertise and business development units committed to specific verticals.

“Global investors can participate significantly by providing the country with technical and financial inputs,” says Henry Antonio, vice-chairman and head of advisory services. “With strong but stable macroeconomic fundamentals, consumer spending, infrastructure, energy generation and business process outsourcing will continue to drive the economic growth of the Philippines. Our job is to translate for investors all relevant information so that they can optimise opportunities while mitigating unwanted risks.”