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BlueMount champions mid-size Chinese companies seeking ASX listing

The Australian Stock Exchange is proving attractive to more Chinese companies looking for international exposure and recognition, and BlueMount Capital serves as a reliable partner

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm
UPDATED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) – the second largest stock market in Asia-Pacific in terms of free float capitalisation – is proving attractive to more Chinese companies looking for international exposure and recognition.

Apart from the prestige of an ASX listing, these private businesses will benefit from the exchange’s mature and sophisticated investor base and high level of market integrity. An ASX listing also helps Chinese companies develop and expand into Australia.

“Innovative and well-established Chinese companies vying to make their ASX debut will find a reliable partner in BlueMount Capital,” says Ross McDowall, director of the licensed capital markets adviser with significant experience in listing foreign companies on the ASX. “We focus on mid-size Chinese companies, a niche underserved by major players.”

Over the past three years, BlueMount advised on the initial public offering (IPO) of five Chinese companies including China Dairy Corp, which is the first Chinese dairy company to list on the ASX. For this year, BlueMount expects to complete four additional Chinese IPOs, showing its growing traction in this segment.

Usually entrusted as listing manager, BlueMount provides the entire team necessary for the IPO and handles all aspects of the transaction, including liaising with the ASX and finding stockbrokers for the capital raising.

In addition to IPOs, Chinese companies have come to rely on BlueMount for its proven track record in fund management and asset acquisitions.

BlueMount has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, and opened its first permanent office in Shanghai in March this year to better service its expanding Chinese customer base. As part of efforts to bridge the language and cultural gap, BlueMount has a highly skilled team of industry specialists who speak fluent Putonghua.

“The wealth and profitability of Chinese companies continually amaze us,” McDowall says. “As these profitable businesses make their next big step, they look at going to the capital market or pursue major acquisitions. We at BlueMount can provide them an end-to-end solution.”