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Bisalloy targets growth in Asia with high-performance steel

Bisalloy has joint ventures in China, Indonesia and Thailand, and welcomes distributors and other business partners from Singapore, Malaysia, the

Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm
UPDATED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm

There is regular, mild steel, and then there is the BISALLOY steel brand of high-performance, heat-treated steel. As Australia’s leading manufacturer of quenched and tempered plate steel, Bisalloy Steel Group is bringing the advantages of its high-performance steel products to Asia.

“High performance, heat treated steel products can offer significant performance benefits over regular mild steel,” says Greg Albert, CEO and managing director of Bisalloy.

“The enhanced properties of our BISALLOY brand steel plate can deliver longer life, overall cost savings through less material use and lean processes, or simply a stronger product.”

Bisalloy obtains its high-quality raw steel feed product, manufactured to its own specifications, from Australia’s leading steel maker BlueScope.

Using its own system of quenching and tempering developed over the past 37 years, Bisalloy then transforms the mild steel into high-wear, structural, or armour-grade steel for use in mining and quarrying, plant and equipment, energy and infrastructure projects, innovative high-rise buildings, and defence and civilian protection vehicles.

Complying with international quality standards, Bisalloy designs and manufacturers its BISALLOY brand steel products to meet customer specifications with its team of highly experienced specialists that include PhD-qualified metallurgists, engineers and production experts.

“Our customers meet directly with our technical experts, and you cannot get any closer to the supply chain than that,” says business development manager Justin Suwart.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Bisalloy is already well represented in Asia by joint ventures in China, Indonesia and Thailand. The company aims to have greater presence in the region and welcomes distributors and other business partners from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea.

In China, Bisalloy is seeking potential partners and customers in the resources, heavy equipment, renewable energy and high-rise building construction sectors.

“We live by our mantra of ‘Performance First’ and are keen to partner with companies that share that philosophy,” Albert says.

“We are open for business to companies that have existing relationships with our target customers, or those that can provide logistics services such as warehousing or processing.”