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Fresh Produce Group eyes Asia’s growing demand for premium fruits and vegetables

Company sells its range of quality packed produce from its own farms and partner growers and seeks relationships with Asian partners to meet increased demand

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm
UPDATED : Friday, 22 September, 2017, 5:15pm

With a broad range of high-quality produce ranging from berries, citrus fruits and grapes to kiwis, avocadoes and medjool dates offered year-round, Fresh Produce Group (FPG) has earned its reputation as the trusted partner-of-choice for local and international growers, retailers and distributors.

FPG is a trading company that has built long-term partnerships with the best growers worldwide using its expertise and technical skills in total supply chain management. It is also a renowned grower of table grapes and berries.

FPG sells its range of carefully grown and packed produce from its own farms and partner growers to customers in Australia, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East by air or by sea as early as within 72 hours.

A passion for produce and determination for building long-standing relationships have yielded success for the company. This passion is epitomised by its founder Robert Nugan who established the business in 1991.

“Our mission is to understand future consumer demands and continually challenge ourselves to offer successful solutions,” says Anthony Poiner, executive director. “We focus on superior product quality by selecting the best varieties, taking all the right steps during growing, harvesting and post-harvest to ensure the highest quality products that consumers can trust.”

With 25 years of expertise and a highly skilled team of produce technologists, FPG provides end-to-end solutions in getting produce from the field to the supermarket – consistently investing in its worldwide transport and delivery matrix and state-of-the-art processing, packaging and storage facilities.

FPG’s growing roster of produce brands include blueberry and raspberry brand SMART berries and table grape brand Treviso.

Foreseeing rising demand for table grapes in China, citrus fruits in Japan and berries across Asia, FPG seeks long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with Asian partners that have relevant distributing capacities.

“We’re growing our Asian business and production base substantially,” Poiner says. “Customers are becoming more selective and want to experience authentic fruit straight from the vine. Everything lies in a high-calibre product.”