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PACO Group’s Spiralift transforms spaces at a touch of a button

Canadian company sees opportunities for its electromechanical Spiralift in Asia’s most crowded cities

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm

In Asia’s rapidly expanding metropolitan areas, space is becoming more restricted and today comes at an absolute premium. Architects, project planners and designers are turning to innovative solutions such as PACO Group’s patented Spiralift system to create high-quality, multi-purpose working and living environments within tight spaces.

Trusted for more than 25 years in the aerospace and automotive industries, the electromechanical actuator Spiralift enables the construction of customised multifunctional spaces. Venues are seamlessly transformed by this compact yet powerful stainless steel lifting system in minutes, allowing multiple configurations with each having a permanent look and feel. Such a versatile space is the key to hosting various types of events and matching fluctuating audience sizes.

“Spiralift is our answer to people’s clamour for optimal use of their spaces,” says Philippe Laforest, president. “Spiralift can double the space using the same surface area without compromising stability and quality.”

Spiralift can double the space using the same surface area without compromising stability and quality
Philippe Laforest, president, PACO Group

Through subsidiary Gala Systems, Spiralift is used to automatically reconfigure public assembly and performance spaces to accommodate multiple events in a single day, from an auditorium to a conference room then to an exhibition hall. Since 1980, more than 1,500 Spiralift installations have been completed in 65 countries, including in London’s Royal Opera House, New York’s Carnegie Hall and the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Akvo Spiralift, another PACO Group subsidiary, promotes the use of Spiralift to create multifunctional pools that can easily be transformed into fully usable floor space. By lifting and lowering an entire pool floor, Spiralift allows for any water depth and ensures maximum safety for young swimmers. It can be installed in swimming pools of all sizes.

“We’ve realised projects in several parts of the world, including in the United States, Britain, Europe and Hong Kong,” Laforest says. “We think that the Asian market is especially promising because of space constraints in the region’s dense metropolitan areas. We’d like to connect to hotel and residential developers and architects in the region and help them make the most of every square metre.”