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Asia smiles brighter with The Aurum Group’s partnerships and technologies

Calgary-based interdisciplinary dentistry leader partners with industry leaders and builds brand presence in Asia

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm

Imagine having Elvis Presley’s, or anyone’s, actual smile customised to fit another face, designed digitally and fabricated using state-of-the-art 5-axis milling technology. In an era of increasing oral hygiene awareness, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry and digital dental technology breakthroughs, The Aurum Group proves its resilience amid dentistry’s evolving landscape.

A full-service laboratory based in Calgary, Aurum offers the latest advancements in cosmetic smile enhancements – from implants and digital dentistry to the creation of precise, functional and aesthetic appliances, prostheses and restorative solutions for dental clinics, dental technicians and dentists.

With more than 50 years of expertise in its field, the family-owned company proves its leadership in comprehensive interdisciplinary dentistry “from root to tooth, all under one roof” through a number of new partnerships.

“We invest heavily in our continuing education by exposing ourselves to the latest procedures and partnering with key opinion leaders and institutions so that we can deliver better dentistry to our clients,” says Mark Maier, son of Aurum’s founder Hans Maier and the company’s president and CEO. “We have all the tools to do so through our partnerships and are becoming a one-stop shop for complete dentistry solutions.”

The comprehensive aesthetic in functional dentistry takes knowledge and skill, and bringing that all together is where we make a difference
Mark Maier, president and CEO, The Aurum Group

Aurum’s recent partnership with Digital Smile Design attests to this – allowing clinicians to create a custom-made smile design based on the patient’s facial dimensions with a try-in of the proposed prosthetic result, fully supported with a guided digital workflow to achieve a natural smile.

Integrated partnerships with Core3dcentres, the global trendsetter in digitally advanced milling technology for premium restorations; Seattle Study Club, the leading educator in comprehensive dentistry; Dental Direkt, a German materials manufacturer of ceramics and dental polymers; and Carbon 3D, an American company with game-changing technology in 3D dental printing, have also made the Aurum Group a stronger player in comprehensive and interdisciplinary dental solutions.

“In a commoditised world where everybody has access to similar technologies, the only way you can differentiate yourself is through added value,” Mark Maier says. “The comprehensive aesthetic in functional dentistry takes knowledge and skill, and bringing that all together is where we make a difference.”

With Asia-Pacific being a driving force behind the global dental market, Aurum has set its sights on building its brand presence in the region.

“We’re continuously evolving technically, clinically and financially, and offering novel solutions,” says

Grant Maier, Mark’s younger brother and The Aurum Group’s general manager. “We have tremendous opportunities for employment, client prospects and partnerships.”