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Hainle offers taste of the old world with its wines

Canada’s first organic winery establishes wine club in Hong Kong and seeks collaborations with innovative growers in China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 November, 2017, 9:40am

Not many people can make their own vintage Riesling wine and certainly not many can do it at 13 years old. With winemaking in your blood like in the case of Dr Walter Huber, it is all in a day’s work.

Taking his European heritage of old-world winemaking, dating back to 1167, and combining it with the legacy of Canada’s first organic winery, Huber puts Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery on the map as one of the world’s best wineries.

“There are very few traditional winemakers worldwide – we are one of them. We value the traditions from the old days. We practise old-world winemaking with new-world grapes. If customers want pure wine, they would find it in ours,” says Huber, winemaker and general manager at Hainle.

Hainle holds a special place in Canadian vinification history as the first winery to produce ice wine and among the first to practise organic farming and winemaking.

Hainle has been recognised as the highest-rated winery globally by Copenhagen-based wine community Vivino

When Huber acquired Hainle, he planned to continue growing the winery’s role in bringing pure, organic and fine quality wine to Canadians and the rest of the world.

Growing varietals such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer across three vineyards in Peachland, Hainle applies age-old traditions of winemaking – handpicked, organic, no additives and chemicals. With labels that include Hainle, Deep Creek and Chateau Huber, Hainle has been recognised as the highest-rated winery globally by Copenhagen-based wine community Vivino.

Offering a taste of its fine wines to a broader market, Hainle works with knowledgeable distributors internationally. In Asia, Hainle wines are available in Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Hainle also established wine clubs, including one in Hong Kong, to give aficionados access to a wider variety of wines.

Hainle looks forward to collaborating with innovative wineries, particularly in China, to foster knowledge exchange. It is also open to acquiring vineyards to help Hainle shine the spotlight on fine Canadian-made wines.