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Thermal-Lube gains foothold in Asia’s expanding heavy industrial marketplace

Canadian lubricant technology leader miniaturises analytical equipment for oil and gas sector, and seeks partnerships in Asia

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 November, 2017, 4:00pm

Innovation is second nature to Thermal-Lube, a family business founded in 1983 whose solutions to everyday machinery issues have transformed entire industries. A leader in fluid life extension technologies, the company manufactures speciality lubricants, notably for steel and aluminium production.

Its deep knowledge and expertise in lubricant degradation have also led to the development of software and infrared analytical equipment for industries as diverse as agriculture, mining and paper manufacturing. In Canada, it pioneered portable emissions monitoring that has reduced vehicle pollution.

“We maximise the lubricant life in equipment because the most economical way to preserve our primary resources is to make lubricants last as long as possible,” says David Pinchuk, CEO
and president.

We are miniaturising our analytical equipment to make it more available out in the field, so people can use it in the mines and in brutal locations
David Pinchuk, CEO and president, Thermal-Lube

Thermal-Lube’s lubricants are designed to withstand extreme heat and cold. Speciality formulations make snow mobiles and mining equipment function well at below-zero temperatures. Similarly, high-temperature fluids ensure safety in steel mills and aluminium smelters. Thermal-Lube has also engineered bio-lubricants that do not freeze during winter, and is delving into precision agriculture.

It works closely with clients and research institutes to achieve these results, using proprietary analytical systems to formulate lubricants that meet specified design parameters.

“We close the loop through the analytical systems,” Pinchuk says.

Thermal-Lube can quickly provide solutions and manufacture products even on a small scale to meet specific demands.

The company made its mark in mainland China in the 1990s with concentrate additives that kept large-scale steel mills safe for thousands of workers.
It has crossed over to oil and gas exploration with the use of its oil analysers in offshore drilling.

“We are miniaturising our analytical equipment to make it more available out in the field, so people can use it in the mines and in brutal locations,” Pinchuk says.

Thermal-Lube is keen on partnerships that will bring more solutions, including local branding of its speciality lubricants, into Asia.