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Industrie Orkan fights air pollution to improve next generation’s quality of life

Canadian ventilation manufacturer offers high-quality air purifiers and filters to schools, hotels, hospitals and property developers in Asia’s polluted cities

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm

When he was a respiratory therapist, Simon Labrecque observed that allergies and respiratory issues prevented children from sleeping well and affected their school performance.

Seeking to remedy this, Simon, together with his brother Daniel, founded Industrie Orkan 16 years ago – a ventilation manufacturer specialising in high-quality air purifiers and air filters. The company today boasts a growing roster of global clients from Canada, the United States, France and China.

With nearly 7 million deaths annually attributed to air pollution and more than 80 per cent of people living in urban areas exposed to unacceptable air pollution levels, air purification systems particularly in buildings are becoming necessities. Industrie Orkan’s reliable ventilation products use high-efficiency particulate air technology and high-quality materials such as microfibre glass filters.

“In Canada, people know us as the ‘doctor of air’. We study the problem, conduct tests to ensure the right diagnosis and propose the proper treatment,” says Simon Labrecque, vice-president. “Our customers trust our knowledge and the way we operate. They don’t just buy our products – they buy the Industrie Orkan knowledge that delivers results.”

In Canada, people know us as the ‘doctor of air’. We study the problem, conduct tests to ensure the right diagnosis and propose the proper treatment
Simon Labrecque, vice-president, Industrie Orkan

Well-known in Canada under the brand name Epurair, Industrie Orkan helps bring the latest technological advancements to air quality through collaborations between health care professionals and engineers.

The company’s new products include the construction project machine – enabling a higher volume of production at a lower cost – and the wall-hung machine, which can be installed on walls in less than an hour without costly renovations.

With a specific client profile comprising schools, hotels, hospitals and real estate developers, Industrie Orkan aspires to grow its Asian business with the main goal of improving air quality – providing the technical training for potential distribution and technology partners.

“We want to be the biggest doctor of air in Asia,” Simon says. “We want our installations to be successful to improve health.”