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Dana develops digital smart solutions to help retailers

Canadian firm’s electronic shelf labels and heat-mapping technology update retailers’ pricing and customer service

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm

The need to stand out and move people to action has always been a moving target for retailers and brand builders. Their chase is even more challenging now with digital communication pushing the boundaries in winning consumers’ attention. Shelf signage and packaging solutions specialist Dana Industries hurdles this challenge by developing smart technologies to provide clients more proactive ways to showcase products, boost sales, and increase in-store customer engagement.

In line with its rebranding as Dana Total Retail Solutions, the Canadian firm is building up initiatives to introduce digital technologies that complement its existing products. “We try to be innovative by always offering customers what’s new, what’s sleek, what’s interesting,” says Dana president John Ricci. “We do a lot of research to find out what consumers need. We’re an idea company and we want to stay on top of the game.”

We can heat map your stores and tell you by aisle or by different zones where most people are going at certain times of the day
John Ricci, president, Dana Industries

Dana’s portfolio of digital solutions enables clients to provide relevant services to its target markets. Last year, the company introduced iQDanalytics, an interactive digital solution linked to mobile devices that analyses buying behaviour and tracks the success of marketing campaigns.

Dana has also developed its own electronic shelf labels (ESLs), the next generation in shelf pricing which most stores still do manually. ESLs allow retailers to automatically update prices from a central location and even give them the platform to deliver customised messages.

The company is also keen on using heat mapping technology to enable stores to electronically track consumer behaviour in real-time. “We can heat map your stores and tell you by aisle or by different zones where most people are going at certain times of the day,” Ricci says. “Now, you can make your marketing and sales more focused.”

Dana is open to pursuing more opportunities in Asia. The company eyes manufacturing and retail partners in the region where its potential markets include Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Australia.