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O2 Canada fits China with world’s finest pollution masks

Canadian respiratory-performance company designs pollution masks for Chinese and exports to Japan and Korea via Chinese e-commerce manufacturers and platforms

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 13 November, 2017, 5:36pm

“Air pollution is responsible for about 7 million deaths yearly, and this is the focus of our business,” says Peter Whitby, co-founder and CEO of O2 Canada, a respiratory-performance company specialising in air-purification and optimal-oxygen-uptake technologies for the health, wellness and sports performance markets. In collaboration with the University of Waterloo, the health innovation company has developed one of the finest pollution masks in the world in terms of effectiveness, comfort and style.

O2 Canada is changing the world starting in China. Because the masks have been designed using the Chinese profile, the product fits comfortably and seals well over a Chinese person’s face. O2 Canada will also be launching every month new outer-shell covering components designed by famous artists and designers.

Air pollution is a global problem, and we all have to work together globally to solve it
Peter Whitby, co-founder and CEO of O2 Canada

“The O2 Canada brand differentiates itself from other products, which are mostly unattractive and sweltering,” says Rich Szasz, the company’s co-founder and chief innovation officer. “We are working closely with customers to make sure they get the best protection 24 hours a day.”

By downloading the O2 AIR Quality app on their smartphones, customers can provide their vital information such as body mass index, height and weight. The software will then automatically notify the user if he needs to wear the mask outside. With batteries that last for up to two years, the product can store data and users can automatically request for a replacement filter sent to their doorstep straight from Canada.

By collaborating with giant Chinese e-commerce platforms and manufacturers, O2 Canada plans to expand into Japan and South Korea while incorporating internet-of-everything technology.

“We are open to doing business with everybody,” Whitby says. “Air pollution is a global problem, and we all have to work together globally to solve it.”