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Science & Mer dives into Asia’s beauty market with innovations drawn from the sea

Company wants to be perceived in Asia as a natural cosmetics brand with very effective products

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 March, 2018, 9:13am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 March, 2018, 9:13am

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Rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals and a major source of oxygen, food, medicine and livelihood, the world’s oceans are essential to life – but for one French natural cosmetics brand, they are also essential to beauty.

For more than 30 years, Science & Mer has honed its extensive research and development (R&D) expertise in developing a full range of premium natural skincare products for the entire body based on marine active ingredients extracted from seaweed, aquatic vegetation and seawater.

Now under new management, the brand will be launching by the end of this year an innovative hydrating product derived from the venom of the sea anemone, which promises an exceptionally smooth moisturising experience even for sensitive skin.

“The Science & Mer identity is based on strong, natural ingredients that balance the skin and promote elasticity and smoothness,” says Arnaud Henry, president, CEO and new owner of Phycée Cosmétiques, the company behind Science & Mer.

“Our keys to success have been our formulas, developed in close collaboration with research institutions in Brittany, and a return of the richness of trace elements and minerals contained in the algae within the products, while respecting their naturalness.”

With patented marine active ingredients such as the age defence component Isopeptinoside, a collagen- and protein-rich formulation close to amniotic liquid; and the anti-dark spot active ingredient matricarine – extracted from the seashore plant Matricaria maritima – Science & Mer’s laboratories use advanced biotechnology to extract marine ingredients.

The brand’s R&D expertise, manufacturing capabilities and portfolio of more than 400 active formulas have positioned it as a leading original equipment manufacturer of seaweed powders for wraps and marine mud poultices used by spas and thalassotherapy centres.

With Asia’s premium skincare market forecast to reach US$28 billion by 2021, Science & Mer welcomes partnerships with distributors in key markets such as South Korea, Japan and China.

“We want to be perceived in Asia as a natural cosmetics brand with very effective products,” Henry says.