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Nagaoka International strives to better use earth’s finite resources of energy and water

Osaka-based water-treatment specialist offers its Japan-proven CHEMILES and AERSYS systems to Asia’s emerging markets

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:16pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:16pm

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Tracing its roots to as early as 1975, Osaka-based Nagaoka International has always strived to deliver environment-friendly and practical solutions that help in the effective utilisation of two finite resources – energy and water. An established name in the energy sector, Nagaoka is one of only three certified suppliers in the world of screen internals. Manufacturing these components, which play a pivotal role in oil refining and petrochemical processing, requires high technology and cultivated experience. To date, Nagaoka has been supplying screen internals to over 65 countries worldwide.

To further strengthen its competitiveness, Nagaoka has diversified to providing effective groundwater intake technologies, notably an innovative groundwater treatment system called CHEMILES. Developed in 1997, CHEMILES is an extremely high-speed filtration system that removes harmful substances, such as iron, manganese and ammonium nitrogen contained in groundwater, without the use of chemicals. CHEMILES has been installed in water purifying plants and large-scale water treatment facilities in Japan, as well as in food-processing plants and hospitals.

“CHEMILES is a well-proven technology in the Japanese market. We now seek to make the most of this expertise by helping resolve water-treatment challenges in China and Southeast Asia’s emerging markets”
Yasuhisa Umezu, president and CEO, Nagaoka International

“CHEMILES is a well-proven technology in the Japanese market,” says Yasuhisa Umezu, president and CEO. “We now seek to make the most of this expertise by helping resolve water treatment challenges around the world, especially in China and Southeast Asia’s emerging markets. We realise that the initial step is to find local support from governments and municipal authorities.”

Nagaoka is focused on establishing a foothold in the markets of Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. It is also open to partnering with private corporations, such as in Vietnam, where it is holding talks with a beer company.

Additionally, Nagaoka has developed the AERSYS system for removing volatile organic compounds and free carbon dioxide contained in groundwater. It also offers HiSIS, a high-speed intake technology for filtering seawater.

“We continue our efforts to move forward in the water treatment field,” Umezu says. “We’re interested in partnering with academic institutions and companies with complementary industry expertise.”