Kazuyuki Kasaoka, president and CEO

Osaka Vacuum pins growth on flourishing smartphone and electric vehicle market

Osaka Vacuum serves the semiconductor, automotive, electrical, and chemical industries, and seeks more business opportunities in China’s budding electric vehicles market

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With millions of dollars going into developing next-generation commodities such as smartphones, manufacturers take utmost precautions in ensuring that components going into their products are protected from defects caused by condensation, residual gas and other contaminations.

When it comes to protecting components from manufacturing by-products, Osaka Vacuum has spent decades building high-performing vacuum systems to address the most basic to the most advanced requirements of clients across the semiconductor, automotive, electrical, and chemical industries, among others.

Osaka Vacuum fuses its time-tested expertise in mechanical kinetic vacuum pumps and combines it with the latest technological innovations to deliver solutions that promote operational efficiency. As a pioneering force in the vacuum solutions industry, Osaka Vacuum produced the first turbomolecular pump in Japan.

“We hope to build more fruitful relationships, particularly with Chinese semiconductor companies”
Kazuyuki Kasaoka, president and CEO, Osaka Vacuum

“Our performance today is better than it was 10 years ago. The strategic partnerships we forged, with semiconductor companies for example, have given us insights on how to further use technology to improve our products. We hope to build more fruitful relationships, particularly with Chinese semiconductor companies,” says president and CEO Kazuyuki Kasaoka.

For Osaka Vacuum, the China market holds several untapped opportunities for the company’s future growth. Out of its vacuum component revenue, 70 per cent of the sales come from mainland China with the rest from the United States, South Korea and Taiwan. Aside from its growing semiconductor industry, Osaka Vacuum also looks to serve China’s budding electric vehicles market.

Given China’s challenging business landscape, Osaka Vacuum aims to strengthen its presence in the local market by supporting the requirements of clients for their China business. The company is determined to work hard in establishing a strong foothold in China.


“When it comes to vacuum technology, Osaka Vacuum is a reliable company. Our supply chain is seamless, we offer the best price for products with exceptional performance,” Kasaoka says.