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Daisan’s upgraded soft-wrapping technology primed to address region’s demand

Family-owned company prints, laminates and packages for food, electronics and construction sectors, exports to Australia and has 25 years’ experience in China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:15pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:15pm

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Having scaled up all its manufacturing machinery in the last seven years, Japan’s Daisan Films Converting focuses on maximising the resources to provide better printing, laminating and packaging solutions for its local and global clients. With its long-established partnership in China, the company has been committed to institute its state-of-the-art technology across the rest of Asia.

Specialising in photogravure printing and plate-making for more than half a century, Daisan has addressed the broadening complex requirements of soft packaging primarily for food industries, and has expanded its versatility to cater to the electronics and construction sectors.

The company continues to generate breakthrough modernisation with the latest coating technology that can control the thickness and the type of ink, and can print miniaturised security tags and embedded tracking onto films.

“Our advantage is that we are not big, so we can do things and respond to the client quickly”
Takayoshi Matsui, president, Daisan Films Converting

A production package from beginning to end is Daisan’s competitive edge, says Daisan’s president Takayoshi Matsui.

“It’s definitely a good opportunity for us to be environmentally conscious and secure clean and safe packaging, which addresses the basic concerns of people mostly dealing with food,” Matsui says.

With an online network that was launched in 1986 and continues to be upgraded for increased productivity and efficiency, this third-generation, family-owned company has remained small, allowing flexibility for customisations.

“Our advantage is that we are not big, so we can do things and respond to the client quickly,” Matsui says.

Daisan’s responsiveness branched out from Japan when it built a factory in Tianjin, serving the Chinese market for 25 years now. The company also exports to Australia and Taiwan.

Poised for prospective collaborations in Asia, Daisan is intensifying research and development to support its continued growth. “If you see things in a different angle, maybe you can have another potential opportunity to produce other things,” Matsui says.