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Goshu Yakuhin promotes healthy and beautiful ageing across Asia

Japanese cosmetic producer creates medicinal bath salts, mineral water and cosmetics from the natural resources of Japan’s Northern Alps and Toyama Bay

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:09pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:09pm

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Born in the same year his grandfather founded Goshu Yakuhin 70 years ago, Sunao Fujii holds the company’s secrets in making superior-quality bath salts, mineral water and cosmetics.

“We harness all the essential minerals naturally present in deep seawater, a vital life source, to develop a range of cosmetic and regenerative medicinal products that enhance beauty and health,” says Fujii, president of Goshu Yakuhin. “Healthy and beautiful ageing is the underlying concept behind our brands.”

The company’s Toyama Quality Water series comprising medicated bath salts from the Toyama Bay deep seawater and pure mineral water from Japan’s Northern Alps have been renowned to improve blood circulation and maintain the body’s mineral balance.

The Skin pure – Balance + series, meanwhile, offers premium bath soaps, lotions and skin toners developed in collaboration with distinguished dermatologist Dr Taisuke Seki.

“Healthy and beautiful ageing is the underlying concept behind our brands”
Sunao Fujii, president, Goshu Yakuhin

With more than 10 per cent of its staff dedicated to research and development, Goshu Yakuhin boasts new patents for eight innovations and has pending applications for another 20 concoctions. The company also cooperates with local universities and hospitals to continuously develop new product ranges.

“The undertaking follows a cycle where Goshu Yakuhin infuses fresh capital and technology to develop items suited to the new markets we would like to reach,” Fujii says.

The company’s product innovations include adding features to capture younger generations and transforming liquid into jelly form for easier ingestion by older customers. Goshu Yakuhin is likewise developing product variants that fit targeted Asian markets such as Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

“We are excited to share our brands with consumers all over Asia,” Fujii says. “We can do everything from product development through to manufacturing, but we also welcome partners who can help us navigate the local scene in terms of cultural preferences, pricing and import regulations.”