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Osaka Kohki embraces collaborative manufacturing as Cominix

Japan’s leader in cutting tool technology renames as Cominix to emphasise prospects in cooperative product development in developed and new markets

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:07pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 6:07pm

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As the recognised leader in Japan for cutting tool technology, Osaka Kohki has a knack for presenting the best possible solutions for the needs of clients in the automobile, aerospace, aircraft and electronics industries.

These solutions combine innovations from around the world, as the company taps into hidden technological champions among manufacturers of cutting and wear-resistant tools, optical products and related accessories.

“We find the best products from around the world,” says Shigemasa Yanagawa, president and representative director. “We have close relations with our customers, know their needs, and pick out the best available products in places such as Germany, South Korea, United States, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, and of course, here in Japan.”

Our goal is to expand further overseas so that we can contribute more to society
Shigemasa Yanagawa, president and representative director, Cominix

With overseas business growing steadily, the company is fully embracing its brand name Cominix. Starting this month, it will be known locally and internationally as Cominix to emphasise prospects in cooperative product development.

The company took the first step in this direction with the opening of its technological laboratory in 2016. Cominix is the first and only trading company in Japan with its own innovation centre.

“We focus on creating cutting tools that improve our customers’ productivity. They find our solutions appealing because we provide products that are affordable and last a long time,” Yanagawa says.

About 200 employees are stationed at the company’s facilities in Japan to create solutions with new materials such as carbide and ceramics or new applications for basic hard metals and alloys.

Present in six countries across Asia, Cominix is likewise established in Mexico and the US. It has 20 branches on the mainland – a network that is seen to expand by five more branches over the next few years.

The company is keen on working with suppliers in both developed and new markets, where it aims to bring solutions on which global manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan have come to rely since the 1940s.

From its historical vantage point, Cominix is well-versed with Japanese know-how that has made the country world-famous for high-precision and high-quality manufacturing.

Its focus on improving clients’ productivity has likewise made it a strong enabler of technological leaps impacting everyday life – from food, clothing and shelter to cars, televisions, computers and communications equipment. High-precision processing technology lies at the heart of all these industries.

“We are the No 1 company in Japan in cutting tool technology because we are trustworthy,” Yanagawa says. “Our goal is to expand further overseas so that we can contribute more to society.”