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Nihon Kolmar applies deep cosmetics expertise with strategic business expansion

Japan’s No 1 cosmetics ODM operates four R&D centres in Japan; runs subsidiaries in China, and is building a factory in Vietnam to serve Southeast Asian markets

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 5:55pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 5:55pm

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With the massive beauty and personal care industry showing no signs of letting up, cosmetics companies are updating their strategies to serve a larger consumer base with more targeted needs. To deliver every demand without compromising quality and business stability, beauty companies are increasingly relying on original equipment and design manufacturers (OEMs/ODMs) to conduct research and development (R&D) activities and meet production requirements.

Japan’s No 1 cosmetics ODM, Nihon Kolmar, persistently strives to meet each of its 400 clients’ needs and wants. Founded in 1912, the Osaka-based company has been serving leading cosmetics companies in Japan and worldwide.

“Client-companies use our facilities for R&D and factories while they focus on marketing and selling their products,” says Tomoji Kanzaki, chairman and CEO.

Nihon Kolmar exudes second-generation owner Kanzaki’s passion for creating distinct, high-quality products. As an advocate of “open innovation”, the cosmetics specialist combines innovative skills with client-companies’ know-how to help customers send new products to the market more quickly and efficiently.

“We improved our manufacturing technology and skills to be a reliable one-stop shop for customers”
Tomoji Kanzaki, chairman and CEO, Nihon Kolmar

“We develop our own know-how to sustain the business,” Kanzaki says. “We keep improving our manufacturing technology and skills to be a reliable one-stop shop for customers.”

With 150 researchers manning four R&D centres across Japan, Nihon Kolmar creates 1,000 stock keeping units a year. The solutions are applied to a wide range of cosmetics products including skincare, make-up and hair care lines.

Enjoying significant annual sales growth in the last 14 consecutive years, Nihon Kolmar aims to be the leading cosmetics contract manufacturer globally. With subsidiaries in China, the company is bolstering its seven production sites in Japan while building a factory in Vietnam to better serve Southeast Asian markets. Its numerous factories and in-house technology create a stable manufacturing environment for clients’ specific requests.

“Our quality management and assurance are unsurpassed,” Kanzaki says. “Through factory acquisitions and joint ventures, we aim to further increase our sales volume.”