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Geomatec explores full potential of coating solutions

Yokohama-based vacuum-coating pioneer is Japan’s leading producer of ITO films, and behind the growing functionality of car navigation and smartphone devices

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:49pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:49pm

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Total customisation in vacuum coating holds huge potential for advancements in the automotive, semiconductor, sensors, aerospace and defence industries. Yokohama-based Geomatec makes the prospect more exciting with its distinct ability to provide high-end solutions that are cost competitive.

“Our coating technology cuts costs because it is precise, thin and nanoscale controlled,” says Kentaro Matsuzaki, president and CEO. “If the customer wants to explore next-generation products and make thin-films lighter or energy saving, there is always the potential with coating. We can take orders at a mass production level for any manufacturing industry and factory.”

Matsuzaki is the third-generation leader of the family-owned business, which commercialised a home-grown indium tin oxide (ITO) technology in the 1970s. It also succeeded in developing a wide variety of high-performance transparent conductive films using the vacuum deposition method.

Our coating technology cuts costs because it is precise, thin and nanoscale controlled
Kentaro Matsuzaki, president and CEO, Geomatec

Recognised as Japan’s most advanced in producing ITO films, Geomatec is behind the growing functionality of everyday tools such as car navigation and smartphone devices. With more than 100 physical vapour deposition machines, it produces coating of whatever material and size.

Such flexibility is backed by cutting-edge innovation, the latest being moth-eye effect technology that creates high-precision anti-reflection films and prevents the build-up of dirt on surfaces. It also allows users to easily wipe away dirt deposits. Globally, manufacturers are trying to advance vehicle usability and interiors using this technology.

“I am sure this new product has the potential to be the best moth-eye effect product within any specification and will satisfy customers’ needs,” Matsuzaki says.

With factories in Wuxi since 2002, Geomatec can easily cater to the prototyping needs of Western companies seeking Japanese know-how in chemical etching, miniaturisation and optical coating.

“We can introduce coating machines to clients’ factories along with surrounding technologies for cutting, polishing and chemical etching,” Matsuzaki says.

Geomatec welcomes joint-venture partnerships in the United States and Europe on high-end coating solutions.