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Kanbo Pras' pursues proprietary innovations that bring societal benefits

Osaka-based industrial fabric manufacturer seeks international distributors for self-cleaning and disaster mitigation products, from tents and fabric bathtubs to portable water tanks

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:38pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:38pm

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After the massive East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011 and subsequent Fukushima nuclear crisis, leading industrial fabric manufacturer Kanbo Pras was among the private organisations at the forefront of relief efforts with its wide variety of disaster mitigation products.

Acting together with other member companies of the Industrial Fabrics Association International, Osaka-based Kanbo Pras offered folding water storage tanks that served as fabric bathtubs for people who were forced into emergency shelters. These portable water tanks, which are fabricated with food-grade, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)-laminated polyester fabric, are part of Kanbo Pras’ portfolio of in-house developed products designed to have a positive impact on human health and well-being.

Now, we’re using our innovations to make proprietary products directly for end users
Shinji Nakamura, president, Kanbo Pras

“We’ve been a silent champion behind top manufacturers in the construction, logistics, signs and events industries for decades,” says Shinji Nakamura, president. “Now, we’re using our innovations to make proprietary products directly for end users. This is our way of giving back to society.”

Another notable proprietary offering from Kanbo Pras is its portable flood control barrier system, which can be deployed within five minutes even by one person. This space-saving barrier can hold floodwater up to approximately 50cm high. Kanbo Pras also supplies emergency tents suitable for disaster response and disease outbreaks. These tents are used by the Japan Self-Defence Forces and the Japan International Cooperation Agency in many countries.

Operating for almost 80 years, Kanbo Pras specialises in composite manufacturing of fibres and plastic resins such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), EVA and silicone. It is renowned for developing self-cleaning tensile membrane fabrics, which feature a titanium dioxide stain-resistant technology.

With proven domestic success underlined by a more than 50 per cent share of the PVC and polyester fabric market for heavy-duty applications, Kanbo Pras aims to expand overseas.

“We’re open to collaborate with other industry players, universities and research institutes to develop customised products for the local market or find new applications for our patented fabric technologies,” Nakamura says. “We also welcome distributors to help boost our international sales.”