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Skincare specialist b.glen combats women’s ageing problems with cutting-edge science

Beverly Glen Laboratories and its b.glen brand use the latest skin science to address women’s most common ageing issues, from acne, large pores, dry and sagging skin, to fine lines and wrinkles

PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:36pm
UPDATED : Monday, 30 April, 2018, 3:36pm

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It has been said that when one looks good, the person also feels good, and Beverly Glen Laboratories founder Akira Kodama took this saying to heart when he offered skin solution sets to Japanese women a decade ago.

Marketed under the brand b.glen, Beverly Glen Laboratories focuses on delivering happiness by solving women’s ageing concerns through cutting-edge science.

While there are many anti-ageing products available in the market today, Beverly Glen boasts a revolutionary penetration technology that effectively cures skin problems. The key is in the delivery method.

Since active ingredients such as vitamin C or hyaluronic acid are not easily absorbed by the skin, most skincare products are wasted and produce minimal results.

Through Beverly Glen’s collaboration with renowned American pharmacist and drug delivery system authority Dr Brian Keller, the company offers products that deliver the ingredients to the skin’s deepest layers.

Keller developed the proprietary penetration technology QuSome, which has a background that is recognised worldwide. Applied in various pharmaceuticals, it is used by b.glen in its signature products.

We are unique for our penetration and delivery technology in skincare
Akira Kodama, CEO, Beverly Glen Laboratories

The technology involves encapsulating ingredients into ultra-micro capsules and delivering them to the base of the stratum corneum or to the epidermis. QuSome reduces irritation and acts as the “slow release mechanism” of beauty ingredients resulting in lasting effects on the skin.

“We are unique for our penetration and delivery technology in skincare,” says Akira Kodama, CEO. “We have successfully applied QuSome to our beauty products to ensure all the active and useful ingredients are absorbed deeply into the skin.”

Beverly Glen has diligently studied the most common ageing issues bothering women, including acne, large pores, dry and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The company’s whitening and anti-ageing solutions are bundled according to the specific skincare problem. Each bundle is composed of various product types including facial washes, toners, essences, serums, ultraviolet block makeup bases, gels and creams.

“We always look for the best solution for women’s ageing problems, and we seek to provide a mixture of skincare products and dietary supplements or over-the-counter drug products,” Kodama says.

The company’s b.glen products are sold online and available in Japan and parts of Asia. It is looking for scientific partners and complementary products, ingredients and technologies in these areas.

In addition, b.glen plans to offer its products through Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. It welcomes e-commerce specialists who are familiar with b.glen’s two-step marketing style, which encourages prospects to seek more information before purchasing.

To support its core online business, Beverly Glen will soon tap department and speciality stores such as Sephora, and produce TV-infomercials to reach a wider audience.