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C.I. Takiron synergy, fortified expertise yield highest quality value-added plastics

The merger of two of Japan’s biggest plastics processing manufacturers signifies proactive, innovative synergy required by the hi-tech industry

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 April, 2018, 5:23pm
UPDATED : Friday, 27 April, 2018, 5:23pm

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More than just two companies coming together for expansion, the merger of two of Japan’s biggest plastics processing manufacturers – Takiron and C.I. Kasei – into C.I. Takiron signifies proactive, innovative synergy required by the increasingly hi-tech industry.

C.I. Takiron completed its merger in April, joining the ranks of distinctive companies that achieve more than US$1.5 billion in annual sales. It takes greater pride, however, in its fortified expertise in
value-added plastics, whose applications range from packaging to flooring, furniture, environment-friendly housing and construction, to agriculture and civil engineering.

“Quality takes precedence over everything else, including price,” says C.I. Takiron president and CEO Yosuke Minamitani. “Our customers have long trusted us to deliver on such commitment – and we hope to earn the trust of even more like-minded, quality-driven partners and customers as we grow along with them globally.”

Key to C.I. Takiron’s growth is a close relationship not only with clients but also with end users, including farmers who have come to rely on its products since 1965. The company’s greenhouse cover films and related products, for instance, help farmers efficiently produce crops in a controlled environment with reduced pesticide usage.

Among its most pioneering products is the industry’s first ultraviolet-blocking, five-layered agricultural PO film in Japan that prevents pest activity and degradation of materials inside the greenhouse. The advanced film has a coated surface for a long-lasting anti-drop function, which also enables high durability with superb transparency.

Another strong expertise is industrial plastic plates used in the semiconductor and liquid crystal display industries, where the highest quality is required. Backed by a reinforced research and development team, C.I. Takiron also develops innovative solutions for new applications such as radiation-proof plates for medical use.

“Overseas sales currently account for about 16 per cent of total revenues, but we target to raise this number by boosting exports,” Minamitani says. “We are open to further acquisitions, particularly of specialised companies with in-depth knowledge of value-added plastics and additives.”