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Link and Motivation boosts organisational productivity through motivation engineering

Link and Motivation is the first consulting firm in the world to use this concept

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 April, 2018, 5:20pm
UPDATED : Friday, 27 April, 2018, 5:20pm

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Motivation engineering maximises engagement between employee and company. That effect transforms this into an engine that drives business success.

Link and Motivation Group is the first consulting firm in the world to use this concept, and has provided support to about 3,000 corporate clients. In operation since 2000, the Tokyo-based company has helped these companies enhance their approach to organisational and human resource development.

“No matter how good the business strategies or information technologies are, the human resource still matters the most,” says Hideki Sakashita, president and representative director. “We’ve studied how to collectively motivate a diverse group of individuals to boost organisational productivity. This is where our expertise lies.”

Motivation engineering is the company’s original technology to muster the underlying motivation of employees to achieve sustainable and effective ways of working. It is composed of diagnostic techniques to identify organisational problems and transformational solutions to resolve these challenges.

Link and Motivation has built a diagnostic database of more than 2,700 companies and 600,000 employees, visualising the engagement level between companies and employees.

Link and Motivation has been helping Japanese firms of all sizes, from large corporations with overseas operations to small and medium-sized enterprises. Among leading companies that have adopted Motivation Cloud – its organisational diagnostic and development platform – are Mitsubishi Electric, JCB and Calbee.

Link and Motivation also provides support services for career development through its individual development division, and provides opportunities to link organisations and individuals through its matching division. Its business scope additionally includes capital and organisational incubation support for venture companies.

“Valuing relationships between companies and employees from a long-term perspective to achieve sustainable prosperity highlights the true essence of Japanese management – this is an approach that organisations should adopt all over the world,” Sakashita says. “We look forward to bringing our real-world solutions outside Japan and initially seek partners in developed markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.”