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MFE Formwork transforms ‘impossible’ building projects into modern construction marvels

MFE’s aluminium formwork solutions minimise construction and environmental costs by casting building components in one operation

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:04am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:04am

Spiralling in a smooth curve achieving a remarkable 90-degree spiral over the course of its 306-metre height, the 80-storey Cayan Tower at the Dubai Marina opened as the world’s tallest twisting tower in 2013. As with many construction marvels, however, the skyscraper’s most extraordinary features are often unseen: in this case, the formwork that formed its unique shape.

MFE Aluminium Formwork ensured that every floor was identical, yet set exactly 1.2 degrees clockwise from the floor below – creating an innovative, efficient and repeatable structure that gave the Cayan Tower its distinctive helical form.

“Speed, quality and efficiency are key elements that MFE Formwork brings to these seemingly impossible projects, turning them into modern marvels of today – and touchstones for the future,” says Jim Robinson, group CEO of MFE Group of Companies.

Used globally in forming cast-in-place complete reinforced concrete structures, MFE’s aluminium formwork solutions make it possible to cast building components in a single operation – from walls to floor slabs, columns and beams, stairs and balconies.

MFE Formwork can be used up to 500 times, and is 100 per cent recyclable even at the end of its usability. Weighing only 23kg to 25kg per square metre, it does not require heavy lifting and can be easily assembled without special tools.

“MFE Formwork’s systems result in structures that are extremely strong and highly accurate. Fast build cycles mean completing one floor every four to five days – or one single-storey landed property every day,” Robinson says. “These translate into substantial direct and indirect reduction in construction costs and low carbon footprint.”

Fast build cycles mean completing one floor every four to five days – or one single-storey landed property every day
Jim Robinson, group CEO, MFE Group of Companies

The first aluminium formwork company in Asia, MFE now has 1,750 employees and offices in Dubai,

Mumbai, Nairobi and Malaysia, where MFE Formwork Technology produces 90,000 square metres of formwork monthly.

Among its latest innovations are safety platforms and an integrated friction stir welding process that helps improve automation for quality consistency and productivity. It is also looking into all-concrete construction methods and transforming designs from 2D into 3D.

With global allies such as building materials giant LafargeHolcim and local partners in the 46 countries it is presently working in, MFE is also pursuing new markets such as high-quality affordable housing. It looks forward to broadening its presence in fast-growing markets including Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, and working with new partners, marketing agents and government institutions.

“We aspire to become a one-stop solution for high-rise and low-rise buildings, and to play a bigger role in the industry’s breakthroughs – whether it is developing the next tallest, most impressive tower or helping communities build low-cost, high-quality housing where they are needed the most,” Robinson says.