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Able Perfect enforces sustainable palm oil production, pursues organic growth

Palm-related products exporter opening a new refinery in Indonesia and new factories in Malaysia and Mexico

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:05am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:05am

The pervasiveness of readily available palm-based products for consumer and industrial use has considerably alarmed environmental groups, but leading palm oil supplier Able Perfect believes meeting the demand for affordable palm-based products without compromising quality and the health of the environment is possible.

“Palm oil is a sustainable edible oil,” says Ng Keng Hoe, president. “We can produce it while protecting the environment and conserving the forest. We have been doing this as a responsible exporter for 13 years.”

Able Perfect exports various palm-related products including containerised palm-based cooking oil and other soft oils, shortenings, milk fat, bath and laundry soaps and candle wax. Headquartered in Malaysia, the company is related to Able Food, which distributes dairy ingredients like milk powder, and Able Dairies which carries milk-based products such as creamer, infant powder, and condensed and evaporated milk.

With a robust distribution network, the company serves more than 100 markets globally supplying up to 45,000 tonnes of palm oil a month. Its innovative pricing system also provides partner-buyers with the latest information to make timely and strategic purchasing decisions.

We will continue to grow organically by buying businesses such as biodegradable plastics producer Sekoplas, and through collaborations
Ng Keng Hoe, president, Able Perfect

“Our service time is unparalleled,” Ng says. “We have built a culture where our people are able to respond within the day, even on weekends and at night due to time differences. Our team is very responsive.”

Since palm oil is a basic commodity, Able Perfect assists distributors, importers and buyers by expanding its product line. “We give them diversified products to increase their revenue, and to keep long-term customer support,” Ng says.

Garnering international food safety and quality accreditations from Europe, the United States and across Asia, Able Perfect adheres to global standards, going as far as providing hostel and proper living conditions for its foreign factory workers. The company attributes its success to its people. Encouraging employees to stay and grow with the firm, Able Perfect ensures all of its achievements are translated to rewards for its people.

Pursuing organic growth, Able Perfect will open a new refinery in Indonesia this year, a speciality fats factory in Malaysia next year and a dairy factory in Mexico to reach markets in the US and Canada.

“We are bringing the group to a level that is world-class as we target niche markets where we are strong,” Ng says. “We will continue to grow organically by buying businesses such as biodegradable plastics producer Sekoplas, and through collaborations. The key is to have a responsible local partner.”