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Malaysia’s ELCO jumpstarts clean, easy and efficient transmission of energy in Asia

Company now exports electrical products to Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Dubai

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:05am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 December, 2017, 9:05am

Arguably the most dynamic and fastest-growing region on the planet, Asia constantly requires tremendous electrical power that is stable and reliable to sustain its growth. In Malaysia, Electrical Components (ELCO) ensures the transmission of this energy even as it looks towards leading the industry for power capacitors in Southeast Asia by 2019. It now exports electrical products to Myanmar, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Dubai.

“We are looking to be an industry leader for power capacitors,” says Christopher Wong, managing director. Capitalising on its strong research and development and having a profound knowledge of customer requirements, ELCO is strengthening its Southeast Asian operations while preparing for future growth in China.

ELCO’s key strength has been in transmitting energy without hindrance by using reactive power compensation products and keeping harmonics in check. It possesses the necessary industry accreditations, raising its reputation for quality and reliability to previously untouched levels.

The competitive advantage of ELCO is its relationship with customers and its focus on uncompromising quality. Invested in building a strong workforce, ELCO keeps itself ahead by being constantly prepared for technological advancements. For instance, it is studying developments and growth prospects in the transmission of power from various sources, such as solar power to grid.

ELCO is partnering with a Finnish company that specialises in providing efficient ways of generating power and rendering smooth energy flows from different power producers. It is looking at forging joint ventures in China with companies that are passionate about growing their business and expertise.

“We started teaming up with other partners that are more established players in power quality,” Wong says. “There is a need for us to learn from industry experts from all over the globe as we are taking steps to expand regionally.”

ELCO has also partnered with academia. This partnership exposes students to new trends and developments, while allowing the company to be close to groundbreaking research initiatives.