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DMG MORI paves way to future of machine tool manufacturing amid Industry 4.0

DMG MORI has established strong direct regional sales and service hubs to lead existing and entry-level customers into the next industrial stage

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 August, 2017, 9:17am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 August, 2017, 9:17am

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Industry 4.0 is dominating the discussion of the future like no other topic. For DMG MORI, Industry 4.0 means supporting customers with software in every step of the process alongside production and supply chain management.

Guiding the path towards consistent digitalisation, DMG MORI developed CELOS, an intelligent application-based control and operator system. The company also offers a variety of software solutions, digital products and services.

With innovative machine tools, software and integrated automation solutions and advanced production methods such as additive manufacturing, DMG MORI shapes modern and digital production processes. In Asia, DMG MORI has established strong direct regional sales and service hubs to lead existing and entry-level customers into the next industrial stage.

The company sees further opportunities in its emerging markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar, where it aims to help small- and medium-sized companies’ transition from three- to five-axis application. Additionally, DMG MORI eyes growth in the aerospace and semiconductor industries as it strengthens partnerships, alliances and collaborations with existing customers, institutions, state agencies, industry partners and associations in Asia.

In times of ever-shorter product life cycles and increasingly complex parts produced in ever-smaller production runs, additive manufacturing processes can help companies produce new innovative products more quickly. The combination of laser deposition welding, combined in a milling machine, gives the user completely new possibilities of application and geometries. Large machines, such as those used for machining bulky components in the energy or aerospace industries, tend to be expensive. LASERTEC 65 3D represents a financially advantageous solution as it allows the carrying out of roughing, deposition and finishing in a single machine.

In co-operation with state agencies, high-profile technology partners, universities and industry associations in Singapore and Australia, DMG MORI conducts regular seminars, trainings and joint research initiatives on advanced manufacturing technologies.

Offering a broad portfolio consistent with advanced manufacturing technologies, software solutions, 5-axis excellence and entry-level machining solutions, DMG MORI affirms its ambition to become the preferred solutions provider in the Asian machine tool industry.