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Beyonics excites clients with precision engineering and innovation under one roof

Customers benefit from enhanced precision plastic parts expertise in the areas of innovative solutions, mould design and tool making

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 August, 2017, 9:17am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 August, 2017, 9:17am

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From surgical devices and hearing aids to power window components and vehicle bumper sensors, global manufacturers from the medical, vehicle, industrial and consumer sectors have lined up to experience Beyonics’ new take on business -- complete contract manufacturing under one roof.

“Our company has undergone a significant transformation after we acquired global plastics manufacturing expert Chosen Holdings last year,” says Scott Smith, CEO of Beyonics. “The integration truly leverages the best and the brightest of Chosen’s resources with those of Beyonics.”

The merger delivered complementary benefits to the customers of the two companies. Clients of Chosen from the plastics industry began enjoying Beyonics’ clean room, automation, deep-drawn metal stamping, aluminium die casting, precision machining and full turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions. On the other hand, the customers of Beyonics benefit from enhanced precision plastic parts expertise in the areas of innovative solutions, mould design and tool making, increased manufacturing capacity and footprint.

Our company has undergone a significant transformation after we acquired global plastics manufacturing expert Chosen Holdings last year
Scott Smith, CEO, Beyonics

Overall, customers are beginning to realise lower costs as they are able to get all their contract manufacturing services this time from only one company. These core capabilities comprise precision metal stamping, innovative mould design and fabrication, precision plastic injection moulding, aluminium die casting, computer numerical control (CNC) machining, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), complete product manufacturing and engineering design services.

Synergies in technologies also translated into further product value and performance for clients. With the help of Chosen, Beyonics is able to convert metal parts with lighter plastic components. This capability aligns well with the sustainability goal of many industries including vehicle manufacturing, which is moving towards the use of lighter materials for better performance

Beyonics, however, seems to be only warming up as it has also lined up other initiatives expected to have a big impact on customer satisfaction as the merger. For one thing, the company is consolidating its four facilities in Singapore into a single global headquarters.

“Vertical integration will allow us to provide all our core capabilities under one roof,” Smith says. “With one-stop shopping, clients can take significant cost out of their supply chain by coming to us for their metal, plastic, PCBA, or box-build needs. We can then negotiate and put together a value-added package that delivers the best service and the best value for them.”

Covering 230,000 sq ft, the US$39.4 million, five-storey new production site in Marsiling will be completed in the second half of this year. To meet the stringent requirements of existing and new customers from the medical and vehicle segments for high-reliability components, the Singapore campus will feature clean room facilities for manufacturing Class III medical equipment and vehicle components.

Vertical integration, however, will not only benefit clients in Singapore. This is because Beyonics is also adopting the strategy in other countries. The company, for instance, expects to complete its new facility in Johor Bahru also within this year. Covering 500,000 sq ft, the new campus will integrate the company’s core capabilities including those related to CNC machining, new product introduction and full box build.

Beyonics is complementing these organisational and structural changes with a significant upgrade in quality. For example, the company is working closely with the Singapore Economic Development Board in developing new automation technologies. This is in line with the government’s strong focus on developing the country’s engineering competency.

“If you look at the entire life cycle of a product, there are many opportunities for automation in every single phase, be it in design or production,” Smith says. “We do it in such a way that it augments our engineering capability. We think that the marriage between automation and engineering ingenuity is critically important in striking a balance necessary to optimise the performance of our engineers.”

With core competencies, the company’s engineering team collaborates with clients to make sure the products are designed for manufacturability. Such practice is carefully being followed by the company to avoid problems with the products’ life cycle down the line.

“I would say our clients choose us because of our engineers, who are really top-notch. They engage in conversations and debates with customers right up front so that they could come up with a far better product,” Smith says. “As we build capabilities and create innovative solutions, talent management will become the driving force in enabling this thrust. The root of the company is in engineering, and we will continue to add talent in engineering and all other support functions in this endeavour.”

With all of these initiatives, the company is well-prepared for what the market has in store. Highly optimistic especially over Southeast Asia, Beyonics foresees business across the region to double or triple in the next several years. In particular, the company foresees the output of its satellite facilities in Wuxi and Dongguan to double this year. Over the same period, production in Changshu would likely grow more than 40 per cent.

The company similarly expects robust demand in Malaysia and Singapore. The same is true in Thailand, which is exhibiting growth in vehicle manufacturing.

“We are exceptionally bullish about our capabilities in providing our unique brand of precision engineering worldwide,” Smith says. “If your company has a difficult manufacturing issue at hand, bring it to us because we will rise to that challenge and collaborate with you to solve your business problem.”