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Innovating water and wastewater management in Asia-Pacific the Veolia way

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 August, 2017, 5:54pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 August, 2017, 5:54pm

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As industries expand and the population continues to grow in Asia-Pacific, overall demand for water escalates, putting a strain on the region’s remaining resources. With rising water and wastewater challenges that are magnified by recent climate and weather changes, industry leaders and public authorities have found a strong, reputable partner with Veolia Water Technologies to help them develop innovative and responsible water solutions.

Backed by more than 150 years of expertise, Veolia offers a portfolio of 350 proprietary technologies to manage, optimise and reuse water, as well as extract raw materials and capitalise on by-products. Its all-encompassing range of technologies ensures the best possible solution for its municipal and industrial clients.

“Flexibility is our key strength,” says Mark Elliot, director of business development – Asia Municipal. “We bundle our products and services depending on the market and client requirements. We’re capable of executing full turnkey contracts, but we can also provide specific process units or standard products. Whatever is the best way to deliver real added value, we can do.”

Veolia has established a strong foothold in Asia-Pacific, having built more than 250 drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in the past 20 years.

One recent landmark project is the construction of the world’s largest sludge incineration plant in Hong Kong. The facility produces electricity by treating 2,000 metric tonnes of sludge daily from 11 wastewater treatment plants.

In peninsular Malaysia, Veolia is entrusted to provide cutting-edge technologies for wastewater treatment and recycled water supply to the Tun Razak Exchange – the first green financial district in Kuala Lumpur.

Veolia is also engaged in water infrastructure development projects in China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

“We seek to connect with more markets, municipalities and industrial companies to help address their water-related challenges,” Elliot says. “We’re also open to partner with local players, such as contractors and distributors, as we launch new projects in the region.”