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Hanyu Energy in the offing to take top lube oil player position

South Korean lubricant maker wants to expand its network in Asia to advance its industrial strengths and evaluation capabilities

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

Passionate about finding and creating innovative energy solutions, Hanyu Energy aims to become the top manufacturer and distributor of lubricating oil in South Korea and beyond. It is on a mission to contribute to the development of the country by generating specialised oil-related products and solutions that promote efficiency.

Since its foundation as Korea Ship and Oil Company in 1981, Hanyu Energy has been investing heavily in specialised manpower and research and development (R&D) to support its production facilities and technical systems. It produces top-quality, long-lasting and customised industrial lube oil, anti-freezing coolant, SK asphalt products, petroleum-based, eco-friendly insecticides, and environmentally friendly detergents.

As a supplier of SK asphalt, Hanyu Energy sells general and modified asphalt to manufacturers and construction firms. The company also supplies vehicle oil through its own gas stations, and oil and propane gas to various businesses. Its range of spray oils and pesticides, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, is already available all over Asia. To develop the market further, Hanyu Energy collaborates with marine lubricant producers and petroleum-based insecticide players in China, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The lubricants and energy we provide are not just products, but they encompass human relationships
Lee Yeol, CEO and vice-president, Hanyu Energy

Hanyu Energy supplies mostly to the automotive, shipping and heavy industries fields. With an integrated manufacturing, sales and distribution team covering 12 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, Hanyu Energy is keen on working with dealers with expertise in similar industries to further advance its industrial strengths and evaluation capabilities.

Keeping engines, machines and industrial equipment running smoothly is no easy feat. A huge amount of time and technical know-how is applied to maintain these energy generators to ensure not

only their seamless operation, but the healthy coexistence of people and the environment. As a true enterprise, Hanyu Energy delivers safety and happiness to people.

“The lubricants and energy we provide are not just products, but they encompass human relationships,” says Lee Yeol, CEO and vice-president.

Paving the way for a world where gas and environment subsist in harmony, family-centred Hanyu Energy strives to create products and services that promote the soul of coexistence through communication, mutual respect and trust. As part of the larger Hanyu Group, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Hanyu Energy continues to pursue growth by applying human respect, honesty and future-oriented management.

“Beyond being a global company, Hanyu Energy is a wonderful social enterprise that shares the energy of hope and happiness,” Lee says.